Display System
The Sacar display system uses patented hooks named "Semprepieno" (meaning always full), dust-proof shelves, custom made advertising posters, colour division and partitions to guarantee immediate identification of product sectors and articles, as well as packaging made using environmentally friendly materials and a special "pick-up" format.


Products can be reordered promptly and automatically thanks to complete computerisation and a well-established presence all over the country of operators who stay in regular contact with the retail centres to which they are assigned.


Sacar is capable of clearing orders within 24 hours thanks to an automated central warehouse management system that offers the highest level of accuracy in the control of product handling and stock levels.

Customised solutions

Our company works with both large-scale distribution companies and small retail outlets, offering display solutions ranging from 1 metre to more than 70 metres in length. Both the display layout and the display and positioning of the articles are designed and created in accordance with the surface area available, the location of the sales outlet and the population density of the area in which the sales outlet operates.

Joint growth

Statistics are used to optimise display solutions and provide an accurate forecast of the annual economic performance per linear metre.