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Sacar’s Charter of Values: people at the heart of every choice.

Sacar’s code of ethics includes all the principles and values on which our corporate identity and everyday actions are based as individuals. Individual ethics are thus inevitably connected with corporate ethics, putting people at the centre of every choice and activity.

The company’s core values can be summarised as follows:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Customer-focused service
  • Expertise and professionalism


At Sacar, we believe that the environment is a primary asset to be safeguarded: this is why we are committed to offering solutions that respect the environment in which we live. Externally as well as internally, Sacar promotes responsible and respect-oriented behaviour to protect our common heritage, not only for the benefit of the current generation, but also for that of future ones.

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Sacar has always endeavoured to provide quality products and services that meet specific needs, giving each customer due attention and providing information and effective solutions in all circumstances.

Establishing a relationship of mutual trust with our customers is nothing but the yardstick for our entire working process. Understanding their needs and expectations, confronting them and sustaining mutual dialogue is the key to offering a punctual and efficient service.

Expertise and professionalism

Sacar has a wealth of unique expertise that it puts to the service of its customers. The exploitation of the know-how and experience acquired over the years help us generate value for those who choose our company as a supplier or partner.

The development and growth of our employees’ talent is of strategic importance because the achievement of goals and success is made possible by Sacar’s human capital.

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