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Serving our customers for over 50 years.

Sacar points to consistent development and innovation in the field of display systems for the large-scale retail trade which bring added value to the market. A team of individuals in direct contact with customers across Italy is devoted to developing the best-suited, tailormade solutions with efficiency and quality in mind.

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We guarantee fast processing of orders, which means down to 24 working hours for hardware and ironmongery.
Once we receive an order, we enter it into our management system, which transmits it to our automated warehouse. The relevant articles are picked and the shipment is prepared. All this happens based on a fully automated process.
Thanks to its automated warehouse, Sacar guarantees an above-average service speed which allows it to focus on the full satisfaction of its customers.

Our installations rest on innovation and quality principles. In order to offer a consistent state-of-the-art and timely service, Sacar follows the same process every time:

  • in the design phase, an analysis of the POS and of the available space is conducted;
    the relevant display systems are manufactured along with the necessary equipment, which are then offered to the customer on a free-loan basis;
  • the consignment is shipped or delivered in person depending on its destination;
  • the consignment is installed by our in-house team or with the support of external teams of installers.

This carefully designed process and punctual organisation makes it possible to guarantee the best dedicated service up to the specific needs. The support of trustworthy teams of installers throughout Italy also makes it possible to operate safely and with peace of mind outside Lombardy.

Sacar is the leading reference company in the fitting out of display areas for small metal parts, hardware components and furnishing modules. In over 50 years, major POS in the DIY world have entrusted Sacar with the installation of customised corners designed to attract final consumers.

RFID tagging of certain categories of products has a very high impact on sales. Not only does this technology allow for quick inventories without the need to manually count the goods, but it also allows for the automatic management of some interactive training that makes the most technical products easy to understand, both for the end customer and for inexperienced sales staff who can benefit from the system for their own personal training. This is a customised service for each POS and allows you to track and analyse your own over-the-counter sales and trends.

Sacar’s solutions are specifically targeted for the large-scale retail market and retail outlets.
Sacar offers up to 70 linear metres of various types of goods from the hardware universe and implements fully customised solutions based on individual requirements. Customisation is not limited to the size of the display area, but also includes the ad-hoc positioning of individual articles. Several factors may affect the choice of a proposal including the location of your shop, the population density of the area in which it operates and the available floor space.

Sacar’s logistics and warehouse are completely automated. This enables a fast processing of orders within 24/48 working hours of receipt and reduces the margins of error to a minimum thanks to a fully mechanised picking system.
The strengths of this system are speed, precision, ongoing innovation and a very attentive care for Sacar’s team of individuals. This is why our electronic warehouse is extremely accurate in movement control, which helps protect human resources in the various departments from all possible malfunctions or accidents.

Sacar’s display solutions are 100% guaranteed. They are offered on loan and you can easily report any kind of problem and be sure that our staff is always available and responsive. As soon as we receive an alert, our technical staff investigates the problem and determines its level of severity, so that quick remedial actions can be planned.
Among its future plans for after-sales services, Sacar is aiming to strengthen its locksmith support by working with a partner who can guarantee even more timely interventions.