Our long-reaching story is marked with achievements and innovation.​

One of Sacar’s strengths is its capacity to offer an efficient and comprehensive service spanning from design to the implementation of tailormade display solutions integrating the best available products, up to turnkey delivery.


Sacar’s mission includes the design and promotion of quality products and services targeted to the large-scale DIY trade, is complemented by top design skills, and focuses on innovation and quality.
Sacar is consistently involved in the development of products integrating the latest technologies and this makes us the ideal partner in terms of originality and leading edge.
Our implementation of a system of organisational, ethical and human values makes Sacar unique in the eyes of its customers, increases their satisfaction over time, and leads us to win an increasing market share.
Each member of our staff helps support the organisation, improve processes and enhance services with commitment, hard work and professionalism.

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Sacar is a synonym for innovation and quality and represents a valuable partner for the large-scale DIY trade, where it has been a leader for years offering cutting-edge solutions and researching alternative, more effective operating methods compared to a traditional approach.

Our gaze is always on the future and ready to take on new challenges as these are a harbinger of technology, innovation, style and quality.

At Sacar, we strongly believe in collaboration and technological contamination among our work teams. The enhancement of human capital within the company is an essential part of our success and continuous innovation, together with the humility to identify possible improvements and the courage to change direction if necessary.

With its futuristic vision, our company has a strong ethical vocation and has been committed to sustainability for years through the adoption of a socially, financially and environmentally responsible business management approach.

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