From design to the installation of comprehensive display solutions.

After more than 50 years on the market, Sacar is synonymous with excellence and quality in the field of dedicated display areas for small metal parts, hardware components and furniture modules in the DIY universe.

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Thanks to an automated and technologically advanced warehouse that Sacar has equipped itself with in recent years, order processing times can be very short and compressed.

Logistics is a real feather in the cap for Sacar and makes all order processing operations more agile and smarter, so much so that speed and precision are our true strong points.


Our many years of experience in the universe of large-scale DIY sales brought us to evolve and structure ourselves in order to offer the best possible service.

Sacar is steadily committed to identifying the requirements of its customers and meeting their needs and expectations in its entire range of products and services.

In a constantly evolving market, Sacar strives to anticipate solutions and respond to new demands that appear over time.


With the most diverse customers, requirements, points of sale and solutions. Sacar analyses the potential of every single POS to implement display solutions which are completely tailormade and enhance their potential thanks to cutting-edge technology and appealing aesthetics.

The wide range of customisation options available for each display corner, layout and specific assortment are the basis of each project.


Smart and green design, transparency and sustainability: these are the values at the basis of our production methods, industrial processing and research on new products to be manufactured with a view to sustainability, in order to help make our planet a better world.

Sacar has been investing in research and innovation for 50 years by adopting alternative, renewable energy sources.