Fast, precise and punctual service: technological innovation at Sacar.

One of Sacar’s strengths lies, undoubtedly, in the plants and technologies adopted in recent years.

Introduced about 10 years ago, our electronic warehouse was the culmination of major investments made over time to offer a fast and efficient service, while reducing error margins to zero thanks to a precise control of the quantity and weight of the product sold.

But there is more that has made Sacar a company of the highest calibre. An innovative, strategic vision oriented towards the future and customer satisfaction has led us to testing the efficiency of certain packaging machines, generally used in the food industry, for the packaging of hardware components. This resulted in considerable improvements in the quality, speed and accuracy of our order management process, which have become the strongholds of our company.

With the introduction of mechanisation, all the corporate processes are now faster: from the receipt to the processing of orders, and from invoicing to delivery.

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