Sacar specialises in the fitting out of display areas for small metal parts, hardware components and furnishing modules.


The story of Sacar started at the end of the 70s. First established by Umberto D’Adda, it was originally a free-service based metal parts manufacturing company.
In those times, hardware stores sold exclusively over the counter and customers used to buy loose articles.
Our idea of letting customers serve themselves without the help of a sales assistant was not immediately understood and accepted in the traditional industry, until some more structured hardware stores tested it and soon persuaded themselves of its win-win nature. The first DIY shops operated on a free-service basis were soon established, and Sacar had the opportunity to grow and make a name for itself. It gradually integrated the best technologies available in the market and offered an increasingly rapid and qualitative service.

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Over the years, Sacar incorporated more and more product categories without limiting itself to the packaging and sale of small metal parts, but adding a more diverse offer with a variety of articles and developing increasingly more advanced display solutions.
Sacar has recently moved to a new location built out of state-of-the-art materials under the banner of environmental protection and human sustainability: this is literally a dream come true.
The new flagship premises span over a usable area of approximately 5,000 square metres. Cutting-edge machinery and an electronic warehouse have been installed to provide a fast and efficient customer service and zeroing the margin of error thanks to a very precise quality/weight control and full protection of operators.

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