Our entire production process is focused on customer satisfaction.

The processing of orders can be adapted to individual customer requirements. Sacar offers customised service depending on the specific needs of each display solution for small metal parts, hardware and furnishing accessories.

The operational process initially includes an inspection at your shop to identify which display systems best promote by-products. After submitting the project to you and obtaining your approval, the relevant display solutions are designed and implemented with all the requested customised features. Once production is complete, installation is performed with the help of an in-house team, or with the help of a team of external professionals. Sacar’s offer is complemented with a merchandising service, including re-ordering of the articles that are part of the supplied display modules. The fulfilment of these orders can be handled within 24/48 hours thanks to the efficiency of our electronic warehouse.

Orders for hardware components, small parts or accessories can be entered into the management system directly by Sacar’s Customer Service Department. Alternatively, you may independently send us a simple summary order via a file.

The warehouse then automatically picks all the necessary components and processes a balance report from which transport documents and invoices are generated. The process ends with the goods being handed over to the couriers and delivered to your warehouse.

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