The shopping experience of the end customer is the focus of all our research.

At Sacar, we strongly believe in the research and development of innovative solutions for our customers while paying due attention to the shopping experience of the end customer.

To facilitate product identification, major investments have been made in recent years in RFID and QR-code technologies in order to integrate them into retail displays. By scanning the code placed on the packaging or on the display, you can now directly access instructions and detailed information, as well as video tutorials created ad hoc for products that are particularly complex to use. The Omnichannel system is thus enhanced to help improve your relationship with your end customer and invite them to purchase by-products as suggested by Sacar’s system.

An R&D investment we made in recent years centres on the topic of sustainability. As an advocate of eco-friendly values since the start, Sacar has been investigating materials alternative to plastics for the packaging of hardware components.

This has paved the way for interesting experiments involving the use of PLA and maize leaves, with the aim of providing a range of green alternatives.

Sacar is at the forefront of the containment of an increasingly topical problem: terrestrial pollution due to plastic waste.

New green packaging and new packaging machinery to complement the company’s existing automated systems are part of Sacar’s crucial projects for the future.

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